• Motivational Research

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Advertising Audit

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Creative Development

  • Media Planning

Motivational Research

Know what motivates your market
The most effective marketing understands the consumer mindset. Your customer’s interests, attitudes and opinions are key to crafting messages that resonate. At BrainSells, we partner with one of the nation’s leading motivational research firms, 602 Emotional Marketing. Diving deeply into your market’s beliefs and emotions, we can accurately identify your best product position and brand messaging.

Competitive Analysis

Apply your competitive strengths
To inform effective marketing, you need to know your competition. Where else can your customers obtain a similar value? What positions have your competitors claimed? What messages are they communicating? What are they doing right? What opportunities are they leaving open for you?

Advertising Audit

Understand your brand
When choosing the best course to navigate, it helps to know where you’re at. For this reason, we offer a complete audit of your current advertising to determine what position and perception your business currently holds among consumers. If your current messaging is already aligned with your goals, you can expand your messaging for greater impact.
Just give me* some time and I'll get you some copy! (*For the record, this is not actually a monkey; it's a chimpanzee. It's the best we could do, under the circumstances.)

Marketing Strategy

Plan to succeed
A well-conceived strategy is critical to marketing success. At its core, the strategy answers one important question: What’s in it for them? Of course, this question actually comprises a host of other questions, including: What does your product offer? How can you support your claim? What are the alternatives? Who are you targeting? How can you reach them? But basically, it defines a campaign to effectively communicate the most compelling messages to your customers.

Creative Development

Blow their minds
Because most decisions are based on feelings and facts, advertising needs to influence emotion and logic. At BrainSells, we craft messages that entertain, educate or emote a feeling while communicating your product’s unique benefits and building a meaningful relationship with your customers. Our strategically defined creative has a long history of improving awareness, increasing sales, and building brand loyalty.
Creative Services Include:  Concept and Copy • Graphic Design • Print, Digital, Outdoor • Radio, TV and Web • Social Media • Content Marketing • Direct Response • Production for All Media

Media Planning

Target their attention
The best media plans gs beyond reach and frequency to consider the medium and context for your message. For example, a technical detail is better delivered with long copy, whereas an emotional or sensory-rich message benefits from video. At BrainSells our experienced team of media planners consult with you to understand how your message can be delivered most effectively and most economically. Specializing in direct response media with the greatest ROI, we can incorporate all media into a precisely targeted, results-driven plan—at a cost substantially lower than competitors.