NOTE: Restylane is a prescription gel that is injected under the skin to smooth away facial wrinkles and folds and enhance lip volume.

The Research

Sales data indicated that the doctors buying the highest volume of Restylane were those performing procedures on cruise ships.

A market analysis revealed a potential demand for cruise ship procedures that was much greater than the current volume.

A survey of cruise ship doctors and their patients suggested that cruises were an ideal way to receive an aesthetic treatment without anyone knowing because patients came back looking relaxed and refreshed even without a treatment. Also, three to five days was enough time for any swelling to disappear.

The Strategy

The strategy was to make cruise ship passengers aware that onboard dermal injections were available, and to generate excitement for the treatment before or just after the ship’s departure.

Advertising materials included post cards and emails sent to cruise passengers at home prior to departure, and shipboard signage, and in-cabin flyers.

The Results

Sales of the Restylane injectable gel increased approximately 800% year-over-year among cruise ship clinics. Most of this increase was the result of more passengers scheduling more procedures for Restylane. In addition many physicians (and med spas) made Restylane a larger percent of their dermal filler practice because they could utilize the free advertising materials to build their business.